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Is Blockchain The Next Frontier For MLM Companies.?

If MLM’s seem hard to understand at a basic level, just imagine what the backend of a successful MLM business looks like. The answer, complete chaos. Managing an MLM company requires seeing through this chaos and making prescient, decisive actions. Fortunately, powerful technologies such as Blockchain ensure that choreographing the success and security of an MLM business has never been easier.

Is Blockchain Running Circles Around You? Let’s Break It Down

Do you struggle to understand blockchain? Fair enough. Let’s take a look at how blockchain works through its most common use the exchange of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.
  • User A wants to send money to user B.
  • When this transaction occurs, a block is created.
  • The block is broadcast to every party on the network — whether they be shareholders, business partners, or other members of the business.
  • These other members of the network approve the transaction.
  • A block is then added to the blockchain. This block acts as a permanent and transparent recording of the transaction which took place.

  • Blocks in a chain cannot be altered without altering the rest of the chain, which would require the approval of every other block by those in the blockchain network. In essence, every blockchain transaction requires peer-to-peer approval in order to be made valid, by every peer on the blockchain network. Read More

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